SuperpozzTM P500 (Ultra Fine Fly Ash)

Our 20+ years of experience in processing and distribution of Fly Ash keeps us at the spearhead of the industry.


SuperpozzTM P500

ASHTECH’s product research team have developed an Ultra Fine Fly Ash used in production of high performance concrete. This innovative new age formulation "SuperpozzTM P500" builds on the company’s proud track record and experience as India’s foremost producers of Classified Fly Ash. SuperpozzTM P500 being rich in alumina-silicates is highly reactive thereby strengthening cementitious systems and providing enhanced durability.
SuperpozzTM P500 is compliant to
IS 3812 Part 1, BS EN 450 – S and ASTM C618 Class F


How does SuperpozzTM P500 work?

When Portland cement hydrates, it produces quantities of free lime (calcium hydroxide). When added to the concrete mix, SuperpozzTM P500 chemically reacts with this free lime (pozzolanic reaction) to form extremely stable Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH) gel which is the strongest and the most durable paste fraction in concrete. These hydrates fill the voids within the concrete which results in improved strength and durability.

The particle size and distribution of SUPERPOZZTM P500 is a key characteristic in ensuring the product's superior performance

SuperpozzTM P500 particles range in size between 0.1 - 30 microns with a mean particle diameter of 3.9 to 5 microns. This is significantly finer than Portland cement, other commonly used cement types and upplementary cementitious materials (SCM). The bi-modal distribution of SuperpozzTM P500 particles also enhances performance i.e. an even particle distribution and not single sized. This unique feature enables the product to effectively fill the void spaces between the fine aggregates and the cementitious component, creating an ideal 'fine filler effect'

SuperpozzTM P500 particles are predominantly spherical in shape thereby acting as a 'solid-particulate" plasticiser in concrete/cement bound mixes. This results in improved workability and/or a reduction inwater demand.

This feature enables SuperpozzTM P500 concrete to be easier to work with and in addition the concrete is more cohesive and is less prone to segregation.


Handling & Storage

  • In dry powder form, it is often recommended that an aeration system be installed in the hopper to facilitate easy conveying of the product.
  • It should be stored in dry, enclosed and moisture free areas in case of bagged SuperpozzTM P500.
  • When stored correctly it has an indefinite shelf life.

Health & Safety Precaution

  • SuperpozzTM P500 is highly alkaline.
  • Suitable attire and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be worn to prevent dust inhalation and direct skin contact.
  • For complete health safety and disposal information please refer to the Ashtech Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), a copy of which is available on request.

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