• Solid Concrete Blocks

    We manufactured in State-of-the Art 'Columbia' make PLC based plants with fully automatic batching plant. Our blocks confirm to IS grade.Ashtech blocks are manufactured with best quality raw materials like 53 grade OPC, Fly Ash, Cement additives, Aggregates etc.

    Solid Concrete Block   Fly Ash Bricks  
    Dimensions Size Dimensions Size
    390 X 190 X 190 mm 8" 230 X 150 X 100 mm 9"X6"X4"
    390 X 190 X 140 mm 6" 230 X 100 X 100 mm 9"X4"X4"
    390 X 190 X 125 mm 5" 230 X 150 X 120 mm 9"X6"X5"
    390 X 190 X 90 mm 4" 230 X 100 X 75 mm 9"X4"X3"


    Environmental Friendly Precision & Accuracy
    Energy Saving Cost Effective
    Lower Water Absorption Better Sound Insulation
    High Strength Consistency

    ParametersBurnt Red Clay BricksCement Concrete Blocks
    Raw MaterialsUse of Natural SoilCement\Fly Ash\Aggregates\Sands
    Density kg/m32300-25001800-2000
    Compressive Strength N/M2< 2.5 N/m2> 5 N/m2
    Mortar RequirementNeeds more mortar due to more jointsNeeds less mortar due to big size/less joints