• Reflective Pavers/Tiles Download


    Reflective Interlocking Pavers are manufactured using State of the Art Scientific Vibration Technology in high class virgin quality PVC moulds ensuring:
    Superior Finish
    High Strength
    Uniform Density
    Accurate Dimensions
    Customized Design & Colours
    Ease of Laying

    Reflective Pavers are available in different colours, shapes,thickness of 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100 mm .

    Reflective Tiles are available in different colours, sizes & thicknesslike 250 X 250mm, 300 X 300mm and 400 X 400 mm in various thickness like 25 mm, 30mm & 35mm

    Area of Application / Usages:
    Streets Pathways Side Walls
    Road Junction Petrol Pumps Parking Areas
    Gardens Drive Ways Factory Sheds
    Ports Docks, etc..