The core of GYPCORE is the pursuit to understand what goes on within our communities and how they shape and render their spaces in order to develop cost-efficient green solutions that can enrich and modernize the building culture.

    GYPCORE has developed a comprehensive range of lightweight gypsum-based building materials to give the Architects, the Contractors and the Designers with the required tools to relinquish unlimited creativity.

    GYPCORE is further committed on developing a strong customer relationship management, with dedicated sales, marketing, technical support and logistics teams that focus on the delivery of top quality customer service.

    The strong back bone behind GYPCORE products is high purity 100% natural gypsum. GYPCORE products are further developed with environment in mind. GYPCORE products are recyclable, sustainable and non hazardous to the nature or humans.

    Gypsum Plaster Boards:

    - are high performance versatile gypsum boards covering a wide range of use and applications.
    - are durable, easy-to-shape and cost efficient, the ultimate modern gypsum based solution are used in ceilings, partitions & wall linings.
    - are flexible and lightweight, the most practical way of construction in today and tomorrow’s homes, offices & buildings.
    - are made of high purity 100% natural gypsum and they belong to material group A - 1 (non-combustible materials).
    - you can apply all conventional paints directly on it without the need for any special preparations and can further cover the boards with ceramics.
    - can also carry conventional electric and plumbing fixings.