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    More Durable
    Leading Processors, Distributors & Exporters of Fly Ash.

    ASHTECH INDIA PVT. LTD has state-of-the-art processing and distribution facilities at Dahanu, Wanakbori, Gandhinagar, Ennore, Badarpur and Dadri in delhi.

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    In just 16 years of existence, ASHTECH an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization has earned an outstanding reputation as a leading Processors, Distributors & Exporters of Fly Ash.

    Over the years we have been able to distinguish ourselves as a leading supplier by constantly defining and refining excellence in products, process and customer care. In our zeal to expand our wings and cater to the constant demand from clients, we have also been actively engaged in the manufacturing & distribution of :

    • Fly Ash
    • Ready Mix Concrete
    • Aggregates
    • Cement
    • Light Weight Blocks (AAC Blocks)
    • Solid &Hollow Concrete Blocks
    • Reflective Pavers & Tiles
    • Shot Blasted Pavers, Paving Stones
    • Crystal Marble
    • Water Management.

    We at ASHTECH take special care in understanding the client's needs. Customers have come to count on our expertise and our willingness to work in total co-operation towards maximum & optimum benefit from usage of Fly Ash and allied products.

    A commitment to uncompromising quality, responsive service, competitive pricing through continuous innovation in process, productivity, motivated work force, efficient marketing and wide distribution network keeps us ahead in our mission to excel in our chosen fields.

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    • Ashtech is Participating in \"BIG 5 Construction - September 2013\".


    • Ashtech Will Participate in \"Concrete Technologies - August 2013\"


    • ASHTECH INDIA PVT. LTD has state-of-the-art processing and distribution facilities at Dahanu, Wanakbori, Gandhinagar, Ennore, Badarpur and dadri in delhi


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    A World of Opportunities Across Businesses, Across Geographies, Across Functions, Across Roles, Learning, Growing, Fulfilling.

    Current Openings

    Sales Executives
    Min. 0-10 Sales Experience. Good Communication Skills. Fluent in English. Command of Local Language.
    Sr. Accountant
    Min.Experience 10 Yrs+ Good Knowledge of Finalization of Accounts. Direct/Indirect Taxation. Fluent English. Good Leadership Skills.

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  • Domestic Projets

    Bandra-Worli Sea Link

    Location: Mumbai

    Bangalore International Airport

    Location: Bangalore

    L&T – Mono Rail Project

    Location: Mumbai

    Magarpatta City

    Location: Pune

    Pipavav Shipyard Limited

    Location:Pipavav, Gujarat

    Reliance Metro Project

    Location: Mumbai

  • International

    Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium

    Location: UAE

    Dubai Marina

    Location: UAE

    Emirates Tower

    Location: UAE

    Etisalat Head Office

    Location: UAE

    Khalifa Sports City

    Location: Qatar

    Palm Islands

    Location: UAE

    Salalah Port

    Location: Oman

    Burj Dubai

    Location: UAE

  • Products

    Fly Ash

    Distribution in PAN India

    Ready Mix concrete

    RMC Plant in Pune, Mumbai


    Location: Dabade,Bhiwand.Talegaon,Pune.

    Solid concrete Blocks

    Light Weight Blocks

    Reflective Pavers & Tiles

    Crystal Marbles

    Shot Blasted Pavers


    Water Management

  • Fly Ash Download

    What is Fly Ash

    Fly Ash is a by product of coal based thermal power station generated by the combustion of pulverisedcoal. Fly Ash is a fine, grey, amorphous powder. It is rich in silica & alumina and spherical in shape. The properties of Fly Ash may vary widely, both physically and chemically, depending upon the nature of coal, the efficiency of coal combustion process and the selection process. Therefore, it is important that when considering the use of Fly Ash to look no further than a company with the in depth technical knowledge and support to manufacture and supply a high quality product, that company is Ashtech (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    Our Technology means even better quality

    Ashtech only selects Fly Ash that is highly reactive and has water reducing characteristics. Our Fly Ash is among the first classified and processed material being made available in India.By classifying and processing, we ensure that a large proportion of our Fly Ash is composed of fine particles, which results in a more controlled and consistent product. Our Fly Ash complies with the stringent International codes of practice such as the BS 3892 Part 1,ASTM C 618, BF EN 450 and IS 3812 Grade I. Our customers can therefore be assured of the highest standards of quality, process control and product consistency.

    Characteristics of fly Ash Advantages of fly Ash
    Fine Particle size Better Workability
    Spherical Particle Shape Reduced Permeability
    Low Carbon Content Reduced Heat of Hydration
    Pozzolanic Reaction Improved Pumpability
      Improved Sulphate and Chloride Resistance
      Reduced Risk of Alkali Aggregate Reaction
      Increased Long Term Strength
      Better Concrete Finish
      Reduced Bleeding and Segregation
      Reduced Shrinkage

    We at ASHTECH take special care in understanding the client's needs. Customers have come to count on our expertise and our willingness to work in total co-operation towards maximum & optimum benefit from usage of Fly Ash and allied products.

    Ashtech Super Pozz and Duracrete Comparison table with Provision for Fly Ash

    Sr No. Charachteristics BS EN 450 ASTM C-618 CLASS F IS 3812 Grade 1 Ashtech FlyAsh SUPERPOZZ Ashtech FlyAsh DURACRETE
    1. Silicon Dioxide(SiO2) Plus Nil Nil 70.00 95.89 92.83
    2. Aluminium Oxide(Al2O3) plus IronOxide (Fe2O3) Min% 70.00 4.0 35.00 62.57 0.53
    3. Silicon Dioxide(Sio2) by % mass Min Nil 2.50 5.00 0.38 0.32
    4. Maganesium Oxide(MgO) Max% Nil 0.50 2.75 0.25 Nil
    5. Sulphur Trioxide(SO3), Max% 5.00 7.00 Nil Nil 1.81
    6. Moisture Content Max % 3.00 Nil 6.00 1.00 0.78
    7. Available Alkalies as Sodium Oxide (Na2O), Max% 6.00 12 1.50 0.75 <34
    8. Fineness % retained on 45 Micron n wet-sieving , Max % 12 12 34 <10 <25
  • Ready Mix Concrete Download

    With over 8 Plants, 125 transit mixers & concrete pumps and installed capacity of 540 cum per hour / 5,00,000 cum per annum we consistently deliver quality and innovative products to our customers.

    We produce concrete in fully-automated, state of the art batching systems. This ensures untempered, high-quality concrete for our customers. Quality raw materials are carefully selected to ensure optimum performance of our products at your jobsite.

    We are constantly working on improvising the quality of our products and services. We have established a systematic approach of listening to our customers and intensifying our efforts to create new solutions and services to meet the demands for greater mechanical, functionaland aesthetic performance in buildings and civil works.

    We have a team of dedicated professionals & workers for providing best jobsite performance to meet the increasingly complex requirements of architects, engineers,contractors, designers and builders, enabling the creation of lighter, more aesthetic and even more sophisticated forms of concrete.

    RMC Plant in Pune: Hinjewadi, Nanded City,Magarpatta City, Marunji.
    RMC Plants in Mumbai: Kalher Thane.
    Dedicated Project : Magarpatta City, Nanded City.

  • Aggregates Download

    State of the Art "METSO" make plant
    3 Stage
    VSI Crusher
    225 tph capacity each


    Size Application
    Sand 0 - 4.75
    Metal I 11 mm
    Metal II 20 mm

    Excellent Particle Shape.
    Perfect Gradation.
    Enhanced Workability.
    Optimized Mix Design.
    Enhanced performance of High Strength Concrete.
    Round the years availability of products.

    Plant Location


  • Solid Concrete Blocks Download

    We manufactured in State-of-the Art 'Columbia' make PLC based plants with fully automatic batching plant. Our blocks confirm to IS grade.Ashtech blocks are manufactured with best quality raw materials like 53 grade OPC, Fly Ash, Cement additives, Aggregates etc.

    Solid Concrete Block   Fly Ash Bricks  
    Dimensions Size Dimensions Size
    390 X 190 X 190 mm 8" 230 X 150 X 100 mm 9"X6"X4"
    390 X 190 X 140 mm 6" 230 X 100 X 100 mm 9"X4"X4"
    390 X 190 X 125 mm 5" 230 X 150 X 120 mm 9"X6"X5"
    390 X 190 X 90 mm 4" 230 X 100 X 75 mm 9"X4"X3"


    Environmental Friendly Precision & Accuracy
    Energy Saving Cost Effective
    Lower Water Absorption Better Sound Insulation
    High Strength Consistency

    ParametersBurnt Red Clay BricksCement Concrete Blocks
    Raw MaterialsUse of Natural SoilCement\Fly Ash\Aggregates\Sands
    Density kg/m32300-25001800-2000
    Compressive Strength N/M2< 2.5 N/m2> 5 N/m2
    Mortar RequirementNeeds more mortar due to more jointsNeeds less mortar due to big size/less joints
  • Light Weight Blocks Download

    Light Weight Blocks (AAC Blocks)

    Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) blocks are a high quality green building product that offers a unique combination of strength, low weight, thermal insulation, sound absorption , unsurpassed fire resistance and unprecedented build ability. AAC is a steam-cured mix of fly ash, cement, lime, gypsum and aluminium powder. The high-pressure steam-curing in autoclaves achieves a physically and chemically stable product with an average density being approximately one fifth of normal concrete and one fourth of clay brick . AAC is a natural and non-toxic construction material, saves energy and is eco–friendly.No wonder AAC Blocks are termed as the building material innovation of the century.


    Sound Proof
    AAC wall has an excellent Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 44 resulting in virtually soundproof interiors.

    Thermal insulation
    Highest thermal rating in the industry ..R30! Thus provides well insulated interiors keeping out warm air in summers and cold air in winters. AAC reduces air conditioning costs by 30%.

    Earthquake Resistant
    Earthquake forces on structure are proportional to the weight of the building, hence AAC shows excellent resistant to the earthquake forces . Regions of high seismic activity like Japan exclusively use AAC. It has been proven to withstand wind load of category 5 tropical storms.

    Cost Saving
    Being light weight, AAC Blocks drastically reduces the dead weight of the building resulting into reduction in steel (up to 25% to 30%) and cement (up to 20% to 25%) requirement in structural cost. Being 8 times the size of clay brick , AAC wall construction involves 1/3rd the joints thus an overall mortar of saving up to 66% and its automatic manufacturing process gives AAC Blocks an exceptional dimensional accuracy & smooth surfaces, eliminating need of three coat plaster on walls and allows for a final 6mm skin coat (Putty/POP).

    Water Barrier
    Its structure does not allow for capillary action making it impervious to water. It's water barrier properties are further enhanced by adding silicon based additives.

    Energy Efficient
    AAC is 100% green building material & is a walling material of a choice in LEED certified buildings (ITC Centre , the highest rated green building has been built using AAC.) AAC is energy & resource efficient in energy in the sense that it uses least amount of energy & material per m3 of product unlike brick manufacturing process which uses precious top layer agricultural soil. AAC uses Fly Ash (upto 70% of its weight) thus providing the most constructive solution to the "Nations Fly Ash utilization program.".

    High Strength
    High pressure steam- curing autoclaving process gives AAC Blocks unmatchable strength to weight ratio, higher then even M 150 concrete, and far exceeds the Indian Building code requirements.

  • Reflective Pavers/Tiles Download


    Reflective Interlocking Pavers are manufactured using State of the Art Scientific Vibration Technology in high class virgin quality PVC moulds ensuring:
    Superior Finish
    High Strength
    Uniform Density
    Accurate Dimensions
    Customized Design & Colours
    Ease of Laying

    Reflective Pavers are available in different colours, shapes,thickness of 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100 mm .

    Reflective Tiles are available in different colours, sizes & thicknesslike 250 X 250mm, 300 X 300mm and 400 X 400 mm in various thickness like 25 mm, 30mm & 35mm

    Area of Application / Usages:
    Streets Pathways Side Walls
    Road Junction Petrol Pumps Parking Areas
    Gardens Drive Ways Factory Sheds
    Ports Docks, etc..

  • Crystal Marbles Download

    Crystal Marble (CM) has unique properties such as soft colour, zero water absorbtion, excellent weather durability, high gloss, maintenance free and none radioactive. CM is the only stone product with absolute acid and alkali resistance.

    CM is highly used in Local and international markets for flooring, wall cladding, counters and all Interiors and Exterior decorations.

    The beauty and durability of the product makes itself a "Unique Selection" as no other stone has this kind of pure whitness and gossy polish.

    CM is also labeled as "GREEN BUILDING MATERIAL" that highlights environmental protection and enjoys a favorable reputation in Domestic and International market.

    Why Crystal Marble?
    CM gets it flawless whiteness by virtue of high quality raw material free from any pigments.
    CM does not use any resins or epoxy based binding material.

    The production process of CM replicates the process of granite formation, at very high temperature & pressure under strict quality control hence it has strength rendering it almost scratch resistant.
    CM is resistant to strong household cleaning agents ulike others artificial stonees.

    Application of Crystal Marble:
    Flooring- Interior and Exterior.
    Wall Cladding, Counter Tops, Kitchen, Bar Counters and Bathroom Decorations etc.

    2400 x 1800 1800 x 60020
    1800 x 1200 900 x 80018
    2400 x 900 800 x 800 12

    Property Comparison of Crystal Marble with Natural Stone

    Properties Crystal Marble Marble Granite
    Specular Gloss 85-95 50-80 80-90
    Mohs Hardness 5 3.5 5.5
    Specific Gravity(g(cm3)) 2.7 2.7 2.7
    Compression Strength(Mpa) 510 92-234 61-306
    Charpy Shock Strength(Kl/m2) 3.0-4.5 2.1 2.0
    Water Absorbtion(%) 0 0.30 0.10
    Bending Strength(Mpa) 47.3 - 57.3 1.7 1.5
    Acid Resistance(1%H2S04,%) 0.003 10.3 1.0
    Alkail Resistance(1%NaOH,%) 0.03 0.03 0.10
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient 60-80 80-260 50- 150
  • Shot Blasted Pavers Download

    Ashtech is acknowledged as an innovative, quality oriented and value based manufacturer of high quality paving products by the Landscape Design Fraternity in the Country.

    Ashtech has endeavoured to put forth a collection which would compete with the finest in the World in its category. Innovation, colours, textures, strength, flexibility etc., are some of the terms that would characterise the continuously evolving collection.


    Regular / Washed / Shotblasted / Etched / Honed / Honed & Shotblasted / Coated


    A choice of over 50 colour shades are available from the Ashtech colour master. Additional shades would be possible to customise on request.

    Product Groups

    PebblinoWashed and exposed tiles with pebbles or aggregates
    Granamexx Tiles with real granite and marble aggregates
    Shotblasted TilesSurface textured by shot blasting
    EtchblastedPatterned shot blasted tiles.
    RoughwalkGrooved and textured tiles for exteriors
    TreadsTreads for interiors as well as exteriors
    HSFHigh Strength high finish pavers
    Shotblasted Pavers     Shot blasted pavers with a coated option
    FlagstonesPaving stones of 300*300 mm or larger size
    CiottoliConcrete Cobble Stones
    Melange Colour Blended concrete paving stones
    KerbstonesEdge restraining concrete kerbs
  • Cement Download

    Designed, Built, Owned and Operating

    "Cement Blending Cum Packaging Unit" for manufacturing Suraksha PP Cement of 1500 Tons per day capacity including

    5Th generation classification system for Fly Ash.

    Continuous and accurate process weighing system.

    High efficiency blending

    Automatic Packing plant of 50,000 bags per day

    Automatic Truck Loading System" at
    KIDB Raichur, Karnataka (Commissioned)
    Udipi, Mangalore, Karnataka ( under erection)

  • Water Management Download

    Water Management Division

    ASHTECH Water Management Division has tied up with a leading Singapore based company with multiple proven track records of various installations in India and various other places around Asia. Ashtech Water Management Division along with its technology partner is a synergy of expertise of two Hi tech companies coming together to protect the environment by providing total water management solutions.

    We are synergized to focus on the environmental industry and expand beyond precision engineering to achieve sustainable technologies for the future by conserving, protecting and restoring earths natural resources through the application of Innovative Technology, Application Engineering & Services.

    Ashtech Water Management Division has the full complement and innovative competency of “Technology”-“Know-how” & “Products”. Our Complete Water Management services provide solutions to every need of water irrespective of Domestic, Commercial or Industrial.

    The innovative salient features of Ashtech Water Management Division:-

    - Each & Every proposal we receive are customized
    - Scope Identification
    - Feasibility Studies
    - Project Design with best efficacy level and economy
    - Permit Application
    - System Proposal with all probable options to suit your budget
    - System Installation and Commissioning.
    - Continued Maintenance and Performance Review.
    - Maintain the Integrity of “ASHTECH” quality.

    The Core Functioning of Our Water Management Division

    Different Treatment processes for Domestic, Housing Colony and SocietiesIndustrial Processed Water for Utility & ProcessingOther assorted & Allied Industrial Treatments
    Basic & Conventional Raw
    Water Purification System
    D M WaterScreeing
    Electro Coagulation
    Chemical Coagulation
    Potable Water Making System
    from Bore Well or River Water
    Clarified WaterAerobic and Anaerobic Digestion
    Advanced Sludge Dewatering
    Hazardous Sludge Treatment
    Water Disinfection SystemSoftened WaterIncineration
    Filtration – Sand, Multimedia, Activated Carbon
    Reverse Osmosis or Nano Filtration SystemsDealkalined WaterUltra-Filtration
    Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)
    Ozonation, Advanced Oxidation
    Biological Waste Water
    Filtration System. May be
    of Aerobic or Anaerobic process
    Deionized WaterDesalination Systems with 16" R.O. Membrane
    Product Recovery System
    Sewage Treatment Process
    of most innovative type
    Utility WaterActivated Sludge Treatment
    Sludge Growth Systems
    Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR)
    Desalination Plant of Several Process PrinciplesReverse Osmosis WaterAnaerobic Systems
    Hybrid Systems
    Up-flow Sludge Blanket Filter (USBF)
  • Clients

  • International

    Ashtech International is proud to announce availability of processed Fly Ash in bulk from UAE's first bulk loading facility installed at Ghail in the Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone as part of a strategic move to facilitate to its customers in the region. Having our presence in the Gulf we are India's leading FLY ASH Processors, Distributors, Transporters of Fly Ash. In just 16 years of existence, Ashtech India has earned an outstanding reputation and have been able to distinguish themselves as a leading supplier by constantly defining and refining excellence in products, process and customer care.

    The use of Fly Ash to improve the technical properties of concrete has become a standard, particularly in hot and aggressive environments like the Middle East.

    Consultants and engineers alike have recognized this with the result that Ashtech's Fly Ash has been used on some of the most prominent and landmark projects in the Middle East, one of them being Burj Khalifa. We are regularly supplying to the Middle East, Sri Lanka and Mauritius.

    Ashtech International has an exclusive processed Fly Ash supply agreement with Ras Al Khaimah Cement Company for manufacturing of their esteemed brand of PowercreteTM cement. PowercreteTM cement is produced by factory blending Ordinary Portland Cement with 30% Ashtech Fly Ash. The formulation is designated to optimize and improve the performance of concrete in terms of workability, lower heat of hydration and to enhance long-term durability and strength.

    We Export the Material in Sri Lanka.

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    Fly Ash Ready Mix Concrete
    Aggregates Solid Concrete
    Light Weight Reflective Pavers
    Crystal Marbles Shot Blazed
    Pavering Stones Cement
    Water Management

    Corporate office:
    Ashtech India Pvt. Ltd. Ashford Centre, 9th Floor, Opp. Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013 Maharashtra India Tel. No. +91-22-61490200 Email: info@ashtechindia.net